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Who Hi-Tech is and what we sell

As an independent manufacturer’s representative, Hi-Tech sells directly to prosthetists, orthotists, and pedorthotists in the U.S. who are looking for the best prosthetic and orthotic brands and product lines on the market. We carry a variety of brands and prosthetic and orthotic products, such as ARYSE, Fusion 360 Prosthetic Cover, Uniprox F90 Prosthetic Foot, LegWorks Prosthetic Knees, SmartPuck Intelligent Socket System, Uniprox SoftSkin Air Liners, and the world-famous Jim Smith Filler Sock. We’re always on the lookout for unique (but non-competitive) product lines to add to our existing selection.

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An emerging orthopedic and sports bracing provider, ARYSE believes in developing revolutionary products that disrupt industry standards. ARYSE creates a wide range of orthotics designed to mimic and strengthen the way the body naturally works. From joint protection that doesn’t limit performance to innovative bracing concepts that are inspired and trusted by athletes, ARYSE provides a range of options that allows users to maintain full range of motion while still enjoying the support and protection they need.

Our world-famous Jim Smith Filler Sock features circumferential stretch, a reinforced toe, an option for a distal hole, and many more amazing features. The Jim Smith Filler Sock is made from a 50-50 cotton and polyester blend with a reinforced nylon toe, and wearing one is like wearing your favorite t-shirt. They last longer than cotton socks and are less expensive than many of the other prosthetic socks on the market. 


The Fusion 360 is a highly functional prosthetic covering that weighs up to three times less than cumbersome 3D-printed covers while still allowing full movement, considerable durability, and significant protection. It can be installed quickly and adds a pop of vibrant color to most prosthetic products on the market. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing, though. The one- or two-piece tubular housing leaves socket designs accessible while offering durable protection that won’t crack, dent, puncture, or warp.


Through innovative design these feet are dynamic, energy-balanced and have adapatability. The energy transfer gives unmatched smooth rollover and multiaxial function during the gait cycle.



Disrupting the Orthotic Industry

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Why Hi-Tech?

With roots in Springfield, MO, Human Intelligence Technology is a family-owned and operated distributor of some of the leading prosthetic and orthotic products in the world. Since 1982, our family’s mission has grown into a drive to find the most innovative and reliable products in an industry that works to improve people’s lives. We believe that your patients deserve nothing less than the best fabricated and prefabricated devices, covers, and accessories. Our quality product line will help make sure you can provide it for them.

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If you have questions about our lines of orthotics or prosthetic products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today! We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service, and our friendly team members are always here to help, whether you’re ready to place an order or just want to ask a question or two.

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