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Guaranteeing you quality products with three generations of experience.

Our families journey in prosthetics, and later orthotics, began in 1923 with the founding of Knit Rite. Ted Smith, along with his partners, began a company dedicated to making every amputee's life more comfortable. Later the company was run by the next generation including Bill and Jim Smith and two other people. In 1982 Jim left and began Jim Smith Sales, Inc. with wife Joy Smith. For 25 years Jim and Joy and later children Christy and Kyle Smith built a company dedicated to finding the most innovative products in the industry - including the world famous Jim Smith Filler sock which is still being sold today.


In 2008 when Jim Smith Sales went out of business, son Kyle Smith  immediately started his own company going back to the roots of his parents company - acting as a manufacturers rep. His mother, Joy, jumped on board and continues to take and fill orders and keep the books in order. She is the voice of the company, as she was for Jim Smith Sales. Christy Smith acts as Director of Marketing and Design taking care of all print, advertising, web site and social media.


Hi-Tech serves as an independent manufacturers representative on several product lines. We proudly represent  many names in the industry you are sure to recognize as well as some that are not so well known but offer a quality product(s) you will love your patients to try! Our goal is to provide you and your clients with superior products and responsive customer service that is second to none.


Interested in having Hi-Tech sell your prosthetic or orthotic product? Contact us today!

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