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Coyote Dynamic Strut

Coyote Dynamic Strut

The new Dynamic Strut design combines a unique combination of strength and flex that other posterior dynamic struts simply do not offer. The AFO combines the fit and comfort of a custom AFO with posterior mounted dynamic strut for optimal ambulation. The strut is mounted to a custom thermoformed AFO.

Coyote Dynamic AFO Strut


  • Works great with a thermoformed orthosis

  • Offloads weight from the foot and ankle

  • Helps create a natural gait

  • Provides energy response

  • Moves with the patient

  • Designed to flex

  • 6 Month Warranty

AFO Strut Choices

CD206S (Soft Flex)

Patient Weight Range: 90-200 lbs

Patient Activity Level: Light to medium activity

CD206M (Medium Flex)

Patient Weight Range: 125-225 lbs

Patient Activity Level: Light to medium activity

CD206R (Rigid Flex)

Patient Weight Range: 175-265 lbs

Patient Activity Level: Medium activity level

Coyote Dynamic Strut

The strut is designed for average daily use; walking, working, hiking, biking, golfing, etc. (has not been tested with running).

Great for foot drop; the Dynamic Strut AFO also improves gait.

Over time, the strut may wear out but is easy and inexpensive to replace.

What to Expect

Purchase struts and tooling from Coyote, then fabricate in your own facility OR we can  make the entire custom brace for you in our central fabrication

Coyote Dynamic AFO Strut Parts


L1960: AFO Solid Ankle

L2340: Molded Pretibial Shell

L2755: Lightweight material per segment (3 when using Pro Comp Plastic)

L2820: Soft Interface

L2280: Molded Inner Boot

L2232: Rocker Bottom

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