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Uniprox Softskin Air
Softskin 2L Liners


The World's First Breathable Silicone Liner

SoftSkin Air®: the world’s first breathable silicone liner!

The SoftSkin Air is the first liner in the world to have a breathable silicone structure. Special micropores reliably draw any moisture away from the stump while the liner is being worn, thus keeping the residual limb considerably dryer. This improves the liner’s grip, minimizing the risk of it slipping off accidentally and reducing the irritation that can occur when sweat builds up on the skin. The SoftSkin Air has proven its effectiveness in comprehensive wearing tests and moisture level analyses. The breathability of this new liner offers patients even more security and wearing comfort, while the knitted fabric on the outside makes it easy to roll up the liner and insert the residual limb into the socket.



  • Reduced sweating due to micropores

  • More security thanks to an improved grip

  • Better, longer-lasting wearing comfort

  • Reduction of elongation

  • Less skin irritation 

  • Medical grade silicone

  • Available in 19 sizes

  • Now available in 30, 40 & 50 durometers!

  • Available as Trans Tibial (BK) and Transfemoral (AK) versions.

  • Available with or without distal connector (pin)

  • Machine Washable

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Softskin Prosthetic Breathable Silicone Liner

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Activation of the Micro-Pores at SoftSkin Air®

Did you know the liner has to be activated for the micro-pores to work properly?

Download this PDF to learn more!

SoftskinAir® 2L

The uncompromising feel-good liner

  • Soft silicone on the inside, stable silicone on the outside (Shore hardness: 30/50)

  • Soft cushioning of the stump

  • Efficient sweat transport through micropores.

  • Innovative functional knit for reduced longitudinal movement without inner matrix

  • Stainless steel pin holder

  • Wall thickness: 3mm

  • Lengths appr. 370 mm

  • Sizes: 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23.5, 25, 26.5, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 45

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Softskin 2L Liners
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Softskin 2L
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