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Size Chart


Small up to



X Large

up to 18.5″
18.5 – 21.5″
21.5 – 23.5″
23.5″ and up

up to 14.5″
14.5 – 17″
17 – 19.5″
19.5″ and up 

Directions for Use

This brace is available in left and right.

  • For valgus correction (leg bowing in), adjust hinge on inside of affected leg

  • For varus correction (leg bowing out), adjust hinge on outside of affected leg

Wear Instructions

  1. Unfasten and loosen straps

  2. Align hinges with center of involved knee joint

  3. Starting with strap 1, secure and fasten straps in numerical order

  4. Use allen wrench provided for varus/valgus adjustments to hinges

Directions for Setting Hinges

  1. Use screwdriver provided to loosen/remove screws on outside of hinges

  2. Insert stops to customize flexion/extension degree. Place stops on posterior (back) side of hinges for desired degree of flexion and place stops on anterior (front) side of hinges for desired degree of extension

  3. Reinsert screws into hinge covers to hold stops in place


Always insert identical stops in both hinges.

The range of motion settings are customizable with the included block kit but should only be adjusted by a medical professional.

Aryse Logo Orthopedic Products

Features double uprights on a supportive frame with adjustable range of motion (ROM) hinges to provide support for injury recovery.


  • Supportive, double-upright frame

  • Adjustable range of motion (ROM) settings

  • Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable


  • Cartilage/meniscus tears

  • Chondromalacia of patella

  • Fractures of patella

  • Fractures of tibia and/or fibula

  • Knee instabilities

  • Knee ligament derangement

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Valgus knee

  • Varus knee

  • Among others

Product Materials

Aluminum, nylon, polyurethane, neoprene, polyoxymethylene, iron, polypropylene, zinc, PVC, polyester



AY-38 PDAC Letter

Suggested HCPCS Codes

L1845, L1852

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