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The Shower Leg
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Amputee using the Shower Leg
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Big Or Small, The Shower Leg Fits Us All. Learn How To Get Your Independence Back Today




Say goodbye to worrying about bathroom safety! Shower Leg provides a safe and secure way for amputees to shower without fear. Our prosthetic products are designed to provide stability, comfort and confidence in the shower. Enjoy your shower again with Shower Leg!

Our Shower Leg helps amputees to shower in a safe and comfortable way. This product features a movable arm and fabric netting to securely hold the limb in place. It also puts nozzles, levers, knobs and other personal hygiene products within reach. With this product, amputees can enjoy a comfortable and safe showering experience by placing the limb inside the fabric netting and securing the movable arm back in place. It is now easier than ever to take a shower!

The Shower Leg is not just for amputees. Anyone suffering from an ankle or foot injury can also benefit from the additional support provided by The Shower Leg.

The Shower Leg is FDA approved and constructed with water resistant anodized aluminum and will not rust. The base is wide enough for stabilizing anyone and rubber foot grips keep The Shower Leg from sliding.

Little girl using the Shower Leg
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