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Bracewyse wireless compliance monitor

BraceWyse is a wireless compliance monitor logging patients' wearing time of braces. 

It is developed by Gaffney Technology LLC in Portland, Oregon in 2021.

Key Features of BraceWyse

Key features of the BraceWyse

  • On-demand data retrieval - no need to wait till office revisit

  • Web portal for practitioners receiving and viewing multiple patients' data without seeing the patients

  • Secured Wireless data transmission even without battery

  • Easy data retrieval (no bluetooth pairing needed)

  • 10-minute sampling interval

  • Replaceable battery lasting up to 16 months

  • Data storage ~25K records, rewritable by settings in apps

  • Interactive charts and reports for analysis

  • Free Apple and Android apps

  • Size about a cap of bottled water

Installation Instructions

BraceWyse Installation Instructions Step 1

Step 1:

Locate a relatively flat area and drill a 31mm(1-7/32") diameter hole

This can be done with a step bit

BraceWyse Installation Instructions Step 2

Step 2:

With the logo side down, use the BraceWyse as a template to make an outline for removal of the foam material inside the brace

BraceWyse Installation Instructions Step 3

Step 3:

Remove the foam inside the outline with a small Dremel tool

Place the BraceWyse into the cavity just made

BraceWyse Installation Instructions Step 4

Step 4:

Secure the BraceWyse with the mounting plate and hardware provided from the outside

How to use the BraceWyse mobile apps

To Purchase - Please Contact Us!

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