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  1. Put on provided ankle sleeve

  2. Undo both straps from D-rings

  3. Put RFAST into shoe

  4. Loosen shoelaces on shoe before inserting foot into RFAST and shoe

  5. Insert foot into RFAST and shoe; pulling top of RFAST back will allow for more room when inserting foot into RFAST and shoe

  6. Push RFAST and foot fully to back of shoe

  7. Ensure hinges are aligned with ankle bones

  8. Ensure achilles is completely at back of RFAST and foot is completely at back of shoe

  9. Ensure there is no slack in strap on backside of leg

  10. In a seated position, have foot flat on ground with knee directly above toes

  11. Put both straps back through D-rings and tighten to a snug fit around lower leg

  12. Hold inside hinge in place so that it is aligned with ankle bone while tightening straps

  13. If straps are too long, remove rubber strap tabs and trim the strap(s) to desired length

  14. Tie shoelaces; if shoelaces aren’t tied tight enough, foot could migrate around, which would affect experience with RFAST

Features a single-pull compression system that provides adjustable support for injury recovery.


  • Rigid upper cuff and lower footplate to control and motion

  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit

  • Patented COG that provides functional stability and increases tension as the foot moves further from its neutral position

  • Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable


  • Ankle instabilities

  • Ankle sprains

  • Drop foot

  • Effusions of joints, ankle, and foot

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Stiffness

  • Among others



Men’s Shoe Size: up to 7.5
Women’s Shoe Size: up to 9


Men’s Shoe Size: 8 – 10.5
Women’s Shoe Size: 9.5 – 12


Men’s Shoe Size: 11 and up
Women’s Shoe Size: 12.5 and up


Product Materials

Nylon, Rigid polyurethane, Zinc, Nickel, 
Rubber, Thermoplastic polyurethane, 
Polyacetal (POM), Ethylene-vinyl acetate foam



PDAC Letter


Suggested HCPCS Codes

L1971, L2210, L2820