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Meet Pete

Name: Pete

Amputation: AK

LegWorks Product: All-Terrain Premium

Terrain: At the beach and in the water

Pete's Story:

As a father, family time is the key thing and we are beach people! That is where the All-Terrain Knee Premium really comes through for me - on the shore, paddle boarding, kayaking, hunting shark teeth, snorkeling - you name it!

The All-Terrain Knee Premium is one of those products that helps me conquer what used to be a challenging terrain, and really is the most accommodating. Other options were too heavy or didn’t function as well as I needed them to.

When the terrain gets tougher - especially when transitioning, like going from the park to the beach - previous water-friendly knees were great when submerged, but just miserable to walk on. Now, my family doesn't need to wait on me or help me get from the car to the water - I can help carry things and lead the way in the rush to the shore!

“If safety and stability is your paramount goal, this is the knee for you.”

— Pete

Pete is an AK and prosthetist who wears the All-Terrain Knee Premium to go to the beach and kayak with his family

I would also rather use the All-Terrain Knee than any other knee if it will be harsh, wet, sandy, or an elevation change. I know it is tough, durable, and serviceable - I don't have to be as careful about falling and damaging like other knees.

Plus, I can take it to hardware store if something breaks! My standard everyday knee I have to be very careful with, and other water resistant options I don't trust. It works really well for chores as well - I don't have to worry about spilling on it or getting dirt on it while I'm cleaning, and can trust its stability to keep me safe.

Finally, using it reminds me of the textbook gait pattern I should be using. The knee makes you walk heel to toe and have proper stride length, while microprocessors and other options allow you to be a little lazy since they will do more for you. It's a good reminder, and I’ve realized better what my patients are going through.

Overall it's both a great training knee and secondary knee!

To Learn more about Legworks All Terrain Premium Knee reach out to us today!


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