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What Makes SoftskinAir Breathable Silicone Liners Essential During Summer

Anytime it’s naturally warm, and especially during the summer months, people who wear prosthetics are often concerned about skin irritations, moisture accumulation, and slippage due to improper moisture wicking from their liner. That’s the stocking that separates the residual limb from the prosthesis. The SoftskinAir developed by Uniprox is a remarkable new silicon liner that features micro pores to drain perspiration and moisture from the residual limb, making it one of the world’s first breathable silicone liners. The SoftskinAir is available as a BK (below knee) and AK (above knee) liner and promises to give those looking for quality prosthetics products more freedom of movement, safety, and quality of life. Here are the top five things prosthetic-wearers and prosthetists should know about these breathable silicon liners from Uniprox.

  1. Micropores in the silicone liner transport moisture more efficiently so that even minimal perspiration buildup is prevented.

  2. There’s no need to remove the liner and socket to empty accumulated sweat and dry the residual limb.

  3. Less moisture accumulation means less slippage, more comfort, and a greater level of personal security due to an improved grip.

  4. Drawing moisture away from the stump helps keep the residual limb healthier. There’s less irritation and fewer ulcers.

  5. The silicone liner is soft and stable, to it allows the wearer to be more active and enjoy a better quality of life.

The SoftskinAir from Uniprox has proven its moisture-wicking effectiveness in comprehensive tests and moisture analyses. The breathability of this silicon liner offers a greater level of security and comfort. It’s especially beneficial to patients with arterial occlusive disease, diabetes, parchment skin, and difficult residual limb conditions. The liner is machine-washable too!

If you’re interested in learning more about breathable silicone liners and related prosthetic products, visit our prosthetic liners page or speak to your prosthetist. Have a great summer!

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