Lenjoy Medical’s Comfy Splints: The Name Says It All!

What are Comfy Splints? The name really does say it all! Comfy Splints are patented static/progressive and dynamic orthopedic rehabilitation splints for adults and kids, and they’re super comfy! We’re proud to offer them here at Hi-Tech.

Comfy Splints are the latest line of Class 1, FDA-approved and CE-certified orthotic product from Lenjoy Medical Engineering, Inc., a company established in Gardena, CA in 1992. Lenjoy is owned and operated by a licensed occupational therapist who worked with patients for more than 20 years. The company employs a team of engineering experts pulled from a variety of mechanical, electronic, and even bio-engineering backgrounds. Combining all this expertise means Lenjoy can offer some impressive orthotic products.

In addition to being, well, comfy, Comfy Splints are anti-microbial, machine washable, latex-free, and fully adjustable. Most splints are available in three different cover options: terry cloth, headliner or “comfyprene” (neoprene padding). Comfy Splints are sturdy too! The patented reinforced steel spine allows for bending and customization without any fear of breaking or buckling. Available products include hand and wrist, elbow, knee, and ankle/foot orthotics. The pediatrics line includes Comfy Splints for hands, elbows, boots, and knees. Lenjoy’s boots are universal sizing and several of their hand and wrist splints and all the knees and elbow splints are ambidextrous.

Aside from their comfort factor, what makes Comfy Splints so great? Remember all that expertise we mentioned? It’s all been put toward manufacturing a splint that’s aimed at improving clinical outcomes for every patient. That means reduced healthcare costs and fewer hospital re-admissions, sure, but it also means better mobility and performance every day. Plus, they’re easy to use and easy to manage. All Comfy Splint products are assigned PDAC/HCPCS codes for insurance reimbursement.