SoftSkin Air by Uniprox is a Revolutionary New Breathable Silicone Liner

Let’s face it: Prior to the development of the SoftSkin Air by Uniprox, active individuals who wore a prosthetic leg had limited options for prosthetic liners that offered comfort, stability, and moisture control throughout the day. And of those concerns, perspiration control is primary for many amputees. Although many fine quality prosthetic liners are currently on the market, few could produce the kind of stability and adhesion that users of medical grade silicone liners enjoyed.

Even with the best silicone liners, however, wearers often experienced a constant battle against moisture buildup inside the liner. In short, this was because silicone liners were simply not breathable enough. Because the liner couldn’t let air flow in and wick away moisture, sweat would build up on the inside, which could be irritating and even painful, especially for highly active individuals. Plus, this excess moisture might lead the liner to not grip as well as it should, which could affect stability and safety for the wearer.

The engineers at Uniprox, a German company known for orthotics and prosthetics products, sought to solve this problem with a breathable silicone prosthetic liner that can move moisture away from the skin through micropores in the liner, much the same way that moisture-wicking fabric pulls moisture away from your body to the outer surface of the garment.

The key was in the micropores incorporated into the SoftSkin Air, which enable the transport of sweat and other skin-surface moisture from the inside of the liner to the outside via the natural movement of the limb, which creates a kind of “pumping” effect that helps to propel moisture out and away. This eliminates the need for an active wearer to continually remove the liner to dry both it and the residual limb when participating in physical activity, while offering increased comfort and stability for those participating in sports, working around the house, or engaged in any other activity.

With the SoftSkin Air, the wearer can participate in a wide variety of physical activities, from chores around the house to long walks to playing sports of all kinds, all without the worry of moisture buildup within the liner, which can lead to itching, burning, or even a rash when left untreated. This breathability also offers great comfort and security, while the knitted outside fabric makes it easy to roll up the liner and fit the residual limb into the prosthetic socket.

In developing the SoftSkin Air, Uniprox understood the importance of safety and stability for users of prosthetic legs. This means that the prosthetic is able to adhere to the leg both reliably and comfortably, even when the user is engaged in strenuous activity. The perfect prosthetic liners should provide a fit that is both comfortable and stable. While silicone liners had long offered superior stability over many other options, the breathability that would take it to the next level was missing.