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Top Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices: Products and Brands on the Market Today

Top Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices: Products and Brands on the Market Today

Over the years, devices for orthotics and prosthetics have evolved considerably, becoming less like “fake limbs” and more like high-functioning, technologically advanced limbs that allow wearers to be as active and competitive as they want to be. In fact, individuals wearing prosthetics and orthotics regularly participate in such active sports as backpacking, hunting, basketball, climbing, cycling, football, hiking, dancing, racquetball, weightlifting, and skiing, to name a few.

It’s an exciting moment in the history of prosthetics and orthotics and a time when considerable advancements are being made in both functionality and aesthetics. Many of the greatest innovations happening in the field right now are giving rise to some of the most technologically advanced (and most popular) orthotic and prosthetic devices we’ve ever seen—many of which come in universal sizing, saving orthotists money and space and enabling them to carry a more versatile selection of items in stock.

As an independent manufacturer’s representative for several lines of orthotics and prosthetics, we proudly represent some of the top names in the industry. We work closely with medical professionals and have heard considerable feedback from satisfied customers. Below, we’ve outlined some of our top orthotic and prosthetic devices of 2021, as chosen by prosthetists, orthotists, and their patients.

Uniprox SoftSkin Air – The first liner on the market to have a breathable silicone structure featuring micropores that work to draw moisture away from the stump and keep the residual limb dryer and more comfortable. The Uniprox SoftSkin Air is an amazing breathable silicone liner that offers less skin irritation and long-lasting comfort to the wearer. The SoftSkin Air from Uniprox is made from medical grade silicone and is available in 19 sizes.

Uniprox F90 Multiaxial Carbon Fiber Foot – Also from Uniprox, the F90 is a multiaxial carbon spring foot with ankle joint and a natural toe shape. The F90 offers a wide variety of motion in each direction and is extremely ground compliant—which is perfect on uneven terrain. The anterior / posterior bumpers are a breeze to change in and out. The F90 from Uniprox has a 330lb patient weight limit and comes with a complete bumper set, an attachment plate, and a two-year warranty. Sizes 24-29cm.

Aryse Metforce OrthoticsOffering strong, flexible, dynamic support for just about every joint you can imagine, including wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, and more, orthotics solutions from Aryse have really taken the world of orthotics by storm in recent years, boasting incredible support and structure that moves as much as you do.

Fusion 360With a range of practical designs and eye-catching colors, the Fusion 360 prosthetic cover is one of the most popular and versatile covers we’ve seen, fitting below the knee and above the foot to protect both the device and the wearer’s clothes and other limbs from catching on the device itself. It’s flexible and customizable, allowing for a custom fit over most all prosthetic legs, and both end users and prosthetic distributors agree that it works with the components it covers, not against them.

Jim Smith Filler SockConsistently one of our most popular products, the legendary Jim Smith Filler Sock takes a relatively simple, everyday thing—the prosthetic filler sock — and makes it into something that you’ll wonder how you ever did without, thanks in no small part to its durable, comfortable construction of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It feels like your favorite T-shirt!

EZ-OP Carbon Fiber AFOO&P Solutions blew orthotists and end users away this year with some exciting offerings including an excellent humeral fracture brace as well as an ankle foot orthotic with a spiraling lateral strut that provides excellent support with minimal busyness or complexity. Truly a work of orthotic art—and the price is amazing!

As a family-owned and operated manufacturer’s rep and prosthetic distributor, Human Intelligence Technology (Hi-Tech) is proud to work with many of the leading prosthetic and orthotic products on the market today. Our Springfield, MO company sells directly to prosthetists, orthotists, and pedorthotists in the U.S. who are looking for the best brands and product lines for their patients. If you have any questions about our lines of orthotics and prosthetics solutions, contact our team today!


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