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No More Odors: Keep Your Prosthetic Liners Fresh with ROSS Home Sanitizer

Keep Your Prosthetic Liners Fresh with ROSS Home Sanitizer

Prosthetists know how prosthetic liners play an essential role in the lives of amputees, offering comfort and improving mobility. However, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of these liners can be a challenge for many. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and innovation, cleaning prosthetic liners at home is now easier than ever with the Rapid Ozone Sleeve Sanitizer (ROSS) from TriOx Innovations. This breakthrough device is the world's first home sanitization solution for prosthetic liners, eliminating germs and odor-causing bacteria that traditional cleaning methods can't. Get ready for a fresh start each day with the ROSS!

How the ROSS Works:

The ROSS uses a patented process to generate ozone, a potent germicide, to sanitize prosthetic liners. Once the ozone is created, an electric process distributes this “sanitizing gas” to the micro-tears in the prosthetic liners and sleeves where ordinary water and soap cannot penetrate. After the sanitization process, the ozone breaks down, leaving the liner sanitized and smelling fresh and new!

Safety and Efficacy:

Independently laboratory tested and approved, the ROSS's “AutoZone technology” kills 99.9% of bacteria, making it a reliable and efficient method for cleaning prosthetic liners. Not only is it recommended by practitioners, but it's also been endorsed by orthotics and prosthetics professionals and amputees alike, demonstrating its safety and effectiveness.

Designed for Convenience and Versatility:

The ROSS has been designed with the user in mind. It features two running cycles: a 10-minute cycle for normal cleaning and a 20-minute cycle for deep cleaning. Plus, it's compatible with the most common types of prosthetic liners and sleeves—gel, silicone, and urethane—making it a versatile choice for all amputees.

A Fresh Start Every Day:

What sets the ROSS apart is the fact that it requires no refills to function. By providing a fresh start every day, it allows amputees to focus on their daily activities without worrying about the hygiene of their prosthetic liners. It's a breakthrough that makes the everyday lives of amputees cleaner, safer, and more comfortable.

The ROSS is a game-changing solution for amputees, offering a convenient and effective way to clean prosthetic liners at home. Its use of ozone technology not only ensures effective cleaning, but it also contributes to a healthier and more comfortable prosthetic experience for users.

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