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2023 New Prosthetics and Orthotics Products Showcase

2023 New Prosthetics and Orthotics Products Showcase

Once again, the orthotics and prosthetics industry is witnessing remarkable advancements in functionality, usability, and aesthetics. Here in the first half of 2023, we are proud to present some of the top orthotic and prosthetic products and devices as selected by prosthetists, orthotists, and their patients.

The products below showcase innovative technologies, demonstrate unparalleled performance in the field, address various needs, and enhance the overall experience for individuals using orthotics and prosthetic devices. These cutting-edge solutions include the breathable SoftSkin Air 2L liner, the stable and versatile Gaffney Joints, the confidence-boosting Shower Leg, the efficient Rapid Ozone Sleeve Sanitizer, and the convenient BraceWyse compliance monitor. Read on to learn more about these innovative prosthetic and orthotic products, designed to improve the lives of those who rely on them.


The Shower Leg. Introducing the Shower Leg, a prosthetic device designed to help amputees and individuals with ankle or foot injuries to regain independence and safety while showering. This FDA-approved product features a movable arm, fabric netting, and wide, rubber-footed base for stability. Made from water-resistant anodized aluminum, it ensures a comfortable and secure showering experience by putting personal hygiene items within reach and preventing slips. Enjoy free shipping in May and reclaim your confidence in the shower with the Shower Leg.

SoftSkin 2L. The SoftSkin 2L and Air 2L are the latest versions of the ground-breaking breathable silicone liner for amputees. Its unique micropore structure wicks moisture away from the residual limb, providing improved grip, reduced risk of slippage, and less irritation. Proven effective through extensive tests and moisture-level analysis, the SoftSkin Air 2L ensures enhanced security and comfort. With a dual-layer silicone design (Shore hardness: 30/50) and an innovative functional knit, it offers soft cushioning, efficient sweat transport, and reduced longitudinal movement without an inner matrix, making it easy to roll up and insert into the socket.

Rapid Ozone Sleeve Sanitizer. The ROSS (Rapid Ozone Sleeve Sanitizer) by TriOx Innovations is the the world's first automated rapid ozone sleeve sanitizer designed for prosthetic liner hygiene. Developed in cooperation with leading O&Ps and amputees, ROSS efficiently eliminates 99.9% of S. aureus bacteria using ozone, ensuring clean liners and a fresh scent. Compatible with all liner types and easy to operate, ROSS offers a superior cleaning solution for home use, outperforming traditional soap-and-water methods in germ elimination.


Flexible Gaffney Joints. Gaffney Joints, founded in 1987 by Philip and Alexis Gaffney, specializes in advanced orthotic technology. The innovative Gaffney Hinges and Gaffney Flexors offer enhanced stability and articulation in ankle foot braces and other orthotic products. These joints, available in black or white, are reinforced with Kevlar fiber, have molded stainless steel nuts, and feature an 85-durometer polyurethane construction. Each package includes two pairs of joints and one pair of free molding dummies. A dorsi-assist version is also offered for added support.

BraceWyse. Developed by Gaffney Technology LLC in 2021, BraceWyse is a wireless compliance monitor that tracks patients' brace-wearing time. Key features include on-demand data retrieval, a web portal where practitioners can view multiple patients' data remotely, secure wireless data transmission without a battery, easy data access without Bluetooth pairing, and a 10-minute sampling interval. With a replaceable battery lasting up to 16 months, storage for ~25K rewritable records, and interactive charts and reports for analysis, BraceWyse offers convenience and efficiency. Free Apple and Android apps are available, and the device is compact, roughly the size of a bottled-water cap.

Human Intelligence Technology (Hi-Tech) is a distributor of top-quality prosthetic and orthotic products, and we’re a family-owned-and-operated business. If you need information about our range of orthotic or prosthetic products, please contact our team today!


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